CouchDB Driver

A driver library for connecting to a CouchDB instance through JavaScript.

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CouchDB seems the perfect database for JavaScript applications since it uses JSON as data structure. On first sight, this makes it really easy to interact with a CouchDB instance. But endless encapsulation of asynchroneous requests and their callbacks gets annoying fast.

Thus this library provides both, asynchroneous and synchroneous methods. Performing synchroneous requests on the main thread is deprecated and should not be used in production environments, even if its provided by this library.


Via package manager:

$ npm install --save cdb-driver
# or
$ yarn add cdb-driver

Via CDN / JSDelivr:

<script src="[version]/dist/min/main.min.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Replace [version] with a semver-string just as used in npm.


You can also install it by downloading the minified source and including it however you like (whyever you should do this).


First require the module:

const CDBDriver = require('cdb-driver')


When using this library within a webpage directly instead of Node.js, you can leave this step out. The CDBDriver class will be registered on the window object and is available for all following scripts.

Then initiate a new instance through one of the following methods.

Using configuration object:

var driver = new CDBDriver({
  host: 'http://localhost:5984/',
  user: 'admin',
  pass: 'p4ssw0rd'

The user and pass keys can be omitted, if no authentication is needed.

Using configuration string:

var driver = new CDBDriver('http://admin:p4ssw0rd@localhost:5984/');

The URL string gets parsed internally to a configuration object, thus both methods result in the same instance at the end.

Here you go

That's all, you're up and running. Continue with the Reference page to get known to the available methods.